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Ductless Mini Split Systems

For homes without the ductwork of a central heating system, ductless mini split heat pump units are a good solution for heating and cooling the air. Ductless mini split systems – sometimes called heat pumps – are often installed in homes with hot water heat, radiant panels, and space heaters that use wood, kerosene or propane. They are also good solutions when extending or installing ductwork is not feasible.


Having ducts installed throughout your home can be a lengthy procedure, and it doesn’t fit every type of property. Ductless systems don’t rely on the size of your walls or even the placement of vents, making them more versatile. Also, ducted heating can result in up to 30% energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the vents happen to open to rooms that aren’t used regularly. A mini-split system is entirely ductless, which eliminates this potential problem.

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