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Rooftop Units Services

Most commercial properties, rooftop units provide the best solution for overall heating and air conditioning needs. Whether you’re creating a HVAC system for a brand new building or need to replace an inefficient or problem-ridden unit, choosing the right equipment is crucial. At Techno Temp we specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining rooftop heating and air conditioning equipment. Techno Temp is fully equipped to fulfil your need with latest tools and experienced technicians to handle any type of rooftop HVAC system.

Benefits of Rooftop Units

There are several benefits of installing a rooftop units of HVAC system for a commercial establishment. Larger buildings required larger HVAC systems. Generally every inch of commercial building space must generate income for the owner. Large HVAC system requires larger space. Best place to install a larger HVAC system, without taking any revenue generating space is rooftop.

Rooftop units are packaged systems installed on rooftops that tie directly into a building’s duct work. In addition to lower installation costs, rooftop units of HVAC systems offer more options and versatility than others found on the market. Besides the space saving rooftop units reduces noise pollution, runs on gas or electric, easy to service & maintain without disturbing businesses and the residents occupying the building.

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