Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperatures? Causes and Solutions

Imagine coming home from a tiring day and finding yourself shivering from the biting cold or sweating from the heat. You take a look at the thermostat and set it at your preferred temperature. But it doesn’t stay there! By the time you figure out the problem, you either catch a cold or have melted already.

At TechnoTemp, we’ve been around a flaky thermostat here and there. We’ve come up with some possible explanations as to why your thermostat isn’t reaching the set temperature and quick fixes to ensure a comfortable home environment.

Reason # 1: Malfunctioning Sensors

Your thermostat functions to determine the temperature in the surrounding environment by using its sensor. Hence, if the sensor is dysfunctional or broken, then the thermostat shows a reading higher than the setting or lower.

What to do: First of all, you need to shift your thermostat from the “auto” mode to the “manual” mode. After doing this, contact our services of heating and air-conditioning to take a look at the thermostat if it needs fixing or replacing.

Reason # 2: Size of Thermostat

When the size of the thermostat is smaller in ration as compared to the size of the place it is cooling or warming, it might affect its functions. It would take longer to cool it down or heat it up.

What to do: In order to fix this, get a thermostat ideal for your house or room. A thermostat designed to cover your desired area would be better in functioning. If you are unaware of the size ratios, we can take a look and install the right one. We know what size is best according to the dimensions of your space and hopefully the issue will be resolved.

Reason # 3: Bad Location of the Thermostat

It is essential that you install your thermostat in an optimal location at your house or apartment. You shouldn’t place the air conditioner near external heat or cool sources. These locations include a fireplace, room with gas use, near a window with sunlight source and so on.

What to do: the thermostat should be placed in an ideal location where additional sources of heating and cooling are not around. You may contact our HVAC professional to assess the perfect location of your thermostat.

Reason # 4: Issues with the Fan

The relationship between the fan and the furnace is crucial in determining the functioning of the thermostat. It is important to assess how much warm air is being pumped.

What to do: Switch off the furnace and wait a while. After two minutes, switch off the fan as well. If you do not turn off the fan after switching off the furnace, it will keep pumping cool air and the thermostat would be thrown off balance.

Reason # 5: Need to Change Air Filters

Changing filters should be a re-calibration technique used every few months. If the air filter is clogged with dust or other pollutants, it will alter the ability of your thermostat to set the temperature according to the desired need.

What to do: The solution is simple and easy to do by yourself. You should replace the used furnace filters either with new ones or clean them thoroughly using appropriate washing tools and letting it dry before placing them back. You can contact our professionals to install the filters as well. We have explored the multiple reasons why a thermostat isn’t reaching a set temperature. The quick fixes mentioned can guide you on how to solve the issue. After all, all we need at the end of a day is a comfortable home where you can relax in your preferred temperature. Contact us for more.