When Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

As you get ready to turn on your furnace, you may assume it’s best to rely on the equipment until it breaks down for good. However, there are plenty of signs you should replace your HVAC unit other than a total breakdown. If you time it right, an HVAC replacement could start paying you back from day one. Here’s how to know when to replace your HVAC unit. Today, furnaces can achieve near-total efficiency with ratings of 96 AFUE or higher. If you replace your 80 AFUE furnaces with a 96 AFUE model, you can expect about 20 percent lower heating bills effective immediately. These energy savings help the furnace pay for itself over the coming years.

There are some factors that will determine how often you should change your furnace filter.

·      Is Your Filter Always Dirty When You Check It?

·      Pets and People Will Kick Up More Dust

·      Do You Have Allergies or Asthma?

·      How Much Do You Use Your System?

Tip: How often you clean will make a difference in how often you have to change your filter. People who dust twice a week as opposed to once a week will have their filters longer!

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