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Duct Installation or Replacements

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Installation and Replacements Services

If the ducts in your home haven’t been well maintained or if you don’t know when duct installation done, call one of our technicians for an inspection. You may find that you only need a duct sealing service, or a replacement might be in order. This is a significant undertaking, so you want to be sure you have highly trained professionals on the job. Our technicians are fully trained and will get the job done right.

The Types of Air Ducts We Service

Repair services are great for fixing common problems with air ducts, like registers that aren’t sealed properly, connections that aren’t supported well, and dust and dirt building up. These problems usually happen where different pieces of ductwork connect.

We repair and replace all types of ductworks including:

Flexible ductwork

Rigid ductwork

Sheet metal ducts

Fiberglass lined ducts

Fiberboard ducts

Our experts will use special tools to find these damaged parts and figure out where air is flowing irregularly or leaking. We’ll fix these connections, making sure they’re sealed tight to stop air leaks and pests. Then, we’ll check to make sure your HVAC system is working efficiently and safely, pushing air through your ducts and out of your vents.

Our Duct Replacement Services

Sometimes, ducts can’t be fixed and need to be replaced. This often happens after a disaster like a flood or fire. It might also be necessary during home renovations, or if the ducts are too big or too small. Ducts that are the right size work better.

When we replace ducts, we cover the area with plastic to stop dust and dirt from building up. If the new ducts are a different size or need to go in a new spot, we’ll plan out where they should go and how they connect to your HVAC system. Then, we carefully take out the old ducts. After we put in the new ones, we clean up the area and test your ducts and HVAC system to make sure everything’s working well.

When Do You Need Air Duct Repair or Replacement

Frequent filter changes

Weak or inconsistent airflow

Increasing or spiking energy bills

Dust or dirt buildup around air vents

Strange or unusual noises coming from your ducts

Decreased HVAC efficiency despite regular maintenance

Decreased HVAC efficiency despite regular maintenance

Visible signs of infestation such as holes, tears, insects, and mold

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace or repair ductwork myself?

It’s not recommended to try replacing or repairing ductwork unless you’re a trained professional. Doing it wrong could lead to loose parts, bad insulation, or uneven airflow. This might make your HVAC system work harder, costing you more money over time.

How do I know if my air ducts are leaking?

You might have leaky ducts if:

  • Your home isn’t heated or cooled evenly.
  • You see tears, kinks, or twists in the ducts.
  • Your energy bill is higher than usual.
  • You hear air escaping from the ducts.
How much does it cost to repair ductwork?

It’s hard to say without knowing how much needs fixing. It’s best to contact your local TechnoTemp for an inspection and an accurate cost estimate.