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There are several advantages to boilers that make them superior to traditional heating systems. For one, with a boiler you have one system where you used to have two. Instead of a water heater and heating system, you have a boiler that’s capable of doing both.

Boilers have also gained popularity in recent years with people looking to make their homes greener. Boilers that burn wood, corn pellets and other renewable fuels have become available, and with financing, can be affordably paid for with the savings in fuel costs they allow.


Boilers are also highly efficient thanks to the fact that they are a closed loop system. Once most of the heat is extracted from the steam, the steam turns back into water and falls back down the pipes to the boiler where it is boiled again. When it arrives, the water is already fairly warm, so the boiler only has to give it a nudge to boil it again. The result is high efficiency.

Boilers are much more than just water heaters?

A boiler doesn’t just heat water. It boils it. It turns water into steam. Well, steam, is a light, cheap, safe medium in which to transport heat from where it is generated to where it is needed. It is denser than air, so it can hold more heat than just air alone. It’s lighter than water, so it takes less effort to move.

Steam can also be used for a number of different applications, such as heating the air in a forced air heating system or the floor in a radiant heating system. It can be used for steam cleaning carpets and floors. It can even be used to heat water for general purpose use.

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