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Rooftop Air Conditioning Units

Why is important replacing your rooftop HVAC units before they breakdown? Answer depends on type of building you own or manage. If it is an office building, you have grumbling employees waiting outside the building for A/C to get fixed. If it is a shopping mall or plaza, you may have bigger trouble. Tenants of your plaza or mall may need you to compensate for lost business. In some cases tenant sue the owner.


Coincidentally, rooftop air conditioning units fail during extreme weather days. If your rooftop unit fails in the midst of a heatwave, the indoor environment can be anywhere from unpleasant to unbearable. Getting a replacement in as quickly as possible will be a top priority, of course. But that may mean having to accept a less than optimal replacement unit because it is the first one available.

Replace before it breaksdown

Besides doing regular maintenance, Techno Temp can work with you in advising on the condition of your rooftop units and suggesting replacement parts if any, repair and servicing the units to make sure the units are used to their full potential. We Install, service, repair and maintain commercial rooftop air conditioning units in GTA mostly west of Toronto up to Hamilton and Brampton

Authorized Dealers

We are authorized dealers for York, Bryant and Keeprite. Our technicians are trained and qualified to handle all popular brands of HVAC systems. No matter what brand of rooftop unit you may have, we are sure, we have worked on them.

Our Service Area

We serve Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Hamilton and other areas west and northwest of GTA communities. We specialize in both residential and commercial HVAC system. Checkout some of our projects here. Call (289) 837-2228 or click here to contact us.

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