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Water Heaters

Selecting a type water heater for your business is entirely depends on type of business you have. There are three main types of water heaters are used in commercial establishments. Electric Water Heater, Gas Water Heater and Tankless (also called water-on-demand)water heater. Of these three types most expensive and high cost of energy consumer is Electric. Gas Water Heater comes second and Tankless Water Heater comes last. While cost of equipment/ tanks may be higher for tankless water heater than the gas and electric, in a run, Tankless is more efficient and it also environmentally friendly.


Electric & Gas Water Heaters

In terms of water heaters, there are quite a large debates for which one of the two are the better type; the electric water heater or its competitor the gas water heater. From among the two, you will find differences as well as similarities, and also both pros as well as cons. In the end, what it boils down to is the kind of hot water heater that a business requires since both the electric hot water heater and the gas water heater carry out a very similar function. Electric and Gas Commercial Water Heaters come in both Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty use depending on all your commercial water heating needs.

Tankless Water Heaters

In a typical family household, hot water is used for about one hour a day in total. However, in business settings like beauty salons and restaurants, the cumulative daily usage time averages over eight hours. To meet such commercial demand, you need a durable system with higher energy efficiency (reliable, safe, economical, and maintainable). Tankless water heaters are never run out of hot water, digitally set the temperature to your liking, takes a lot less space than a traditional water heater. There are many more convenient and environmental factors in installing a tankless water heater. Ask us for more details

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